Islam is a way of life for Muslims and influences their behavior and relationships in all spheres: family, society, politics, work and business. Taking this viewpoint, the Quran (Muslims Holy Book) instructs its followers to enter into their religion fully:

“O you who believe! Enter perfectly in Islam…. (by obeying all the rules and regulations of the Islamic religion)” (Quran, 2:208).

It would be logical to argue that if Islam guides its followers in all walks of life; it would also provide guidance on commerce, business and marketing.

For almost a decade now, there is a growing body of interest amongst marketing academics and practitioners in the area of Muslim markets. The impetus for this accumulative interest in Muslim markets and Islamic marketing has been partly stimulated by:

  • significant practicing Muslim segment who also desire modern consumption;
  • the increasing Muslim entrepreneurs as powerful economic actors who combine both religious beliefs and capitalist ideals has fuelled the awareness in Islamic Marketing;
  • the growth of the approximately 1.6 billion (equivalent to 23% of the world’s population) supranational community of Muslim believers (Ummah) having common values and lifestyles which increasingly represent a powerful and valuable consumer segment in Muslim majority and minority countries; and
  • the increasing social, economic and political power of the new Islamic movement.


Hence this increasing interest in Muslim markets has given rise to publications in Journals (e.g. Journal of The Islamic Marketing, Marketing Theory), text book publications (Handbook of Islamic Marketing, Principles of Islamic Marketing, Marketing in the Emerging Markets of Islamic Countries) and conferences (Global Islamic Marketing Conference) as well as Muslim lifestyle blogs. The aim of this website is to accumulate this academic and non-academic research and publications on Muslim markets and provide a platform as a source for both researchers and practitioners and as a means for exchanging of ideas and signposting.